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Membership is a good way to stay connected with our training center. We do offer Students discounts and Students Grants. Grants are not applicable to the basic package. Please contact for more details in regards to grants



2 Months
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6 Months


4 Months


$4000 4 Months

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Flexibility is the most important component of online. Access to experts in the field. Study at your own place.

Once you’ve registered for the class you will be invited into Canvas where you will create your own account and have access to study materials and essentials links

No pre-requisites nor prior experience needed. However a minimum of basic English will be necessary

Our courses are live which make impossible to study 2 or 3 courses at the same time

We are using automated system for the financial transaction. If by chance the payment didn’t go through please ensure the numbers  on the visa card are correct. If things doesn’t go well you can try to contact us for more details at: We will send a different payment methods 

Professors and Students will connect live Monday to Friday for 3 hours around 18:00.  We are using variety of online tools such as Zoom, Teams, Big Blue Button.