About Us

Our story starts with a simple dream of our founder Ionut Anghelache. He decided to create a learning environment where students can learn real-life practicality and where students can learn in their own style. 

The business has been established in Feb of 2018.


What We're All About

We are here for you. Every next step students make on their carrier is our next step as well!

Learn Something Every Day

Our Founder and Lead Instructor. 

Our learning platform goes with technological advancement. Once you started your next step of your carrier you will proceed with us to the new era of the digital world

Ionut Anghelache
Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

We are a hand-son organization that delviers high-quality education by combining best practices with theoretical  and real-life problems.

Around  87% of our students find a job in the field within 6 months of finishing our training. Our advanced training focuses on personal development and gaining technical skills by applying various technologies such as Bloom’s taxonomy. Our motto is: We cannot afford the luxury of failure!. Your failure is our failure!

Learn From Industry Leaders

Our Trainers are professional in the field with vast technical skills. From Professors at Univesity all the way to Data Center Technicians

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our classes are online. However if students prefer in class we do have this options as well. Our platform will permit us to interact with students often. We also provide assignments and homework to ensure students are not falling behind.

Professional Certification

We do offer training to students to ensure they pass certification however our organization has connection with big organization such as Cisco, Microsoft, Aviatrix and in many cases will provide us huge discounts to the courses or exam certificate.