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Our Boot camp is design with practicality in mind! That being said 80% of the time students will perform labs while 20% theoretical part!

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With more than 12 + years of experience, we are confident that we can deliver in the best technical way with ease 


We do value and respect education that’s why our Professor have at least 2 bachelors and at least 1 master degree in Computer Field.


We do teach students how to pass their certifications. In matter of fact 75% of students pass at least 2-3 certificate after our training

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Our courses are designed with practicality in mind. We have the most unique way to teach students. In one of our latest surveys, we did find that 90% of the students prefer our style compared to any other boot camp or college institution. 

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We know technology and that's why we know what we can deliver! And what we deliver is not on the market

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Our online classes are design in a way that Students can balance work and education without compromise.

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Certificate is the first foot in the door in term of computer field. That's why we prefer our students for certifications


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Ionut is an incredible and skilled teacher! Whether you are a begining or an intermediate learner, he can break things down and create easy to understand content. Cannot recommend enough!
IATEK is an absolutely great boot camp to start any cybersecurity or technological field. You will gain a lot of knowledge theoretically and there are many practicals using VM , Windows servers and installation of different OS. Professor Ionut teaches professionally and he makes sure you're ready for the market.
Kailun Tang
InfoSec is a big industry. There are not so many legitimate sites online. If you dont want to go lost, start with IATEK. You will never regret. Professor Ionut Angelache knows exactly how to handle his job properly.
Zahid Hasan
The ones who are looking for a quick way to take the first step to infosec industry should not look for some some where else. IATEK will worth every cent you spend for your career. They have been training with the experience of years. It really helped me out to find my place in the industry. The best option when you take in to consideration quality price and satisfaction.
Furkan Uysal